Corey Trick

Corey Trick

Web Engineer

Favorite Thing About Sundog

The work culture and team mentality. Everything is built to help individuals and teams succeed.

Fun Facts

  • 10 years of expertise with customizing everything from landing pages to full community solutions
  • Passionate, helpful and easy-going
  • Proud dad of five who enjoys fishing, hunting and hiking in the great outdoors

Cannot Live Without

Challenges, adventure and his family.

What Inspires Me?

Customizing emails and personalizing landing pages within Marketing Cloud not only makes development more interesting and challenging. It also provides our clients with more effective tools for their customers and lead generation.

Words of Wisdom

Do what are passionate about, or find something else. Also, ‘walk softly and carry a big stick.

Sundogger since 2011

Works With

Corey researches and does work related to: Communities, Digital Experience, JavaScript, Lightning, Web Development, Web Personalization

Recent Blogs

13 Mar 2018

Marketing Cloud Lead Submission (Part 2)

Posted in: AMPScript, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

New to this blog series? Be sure to start by reading Marketing Cloud Lead Submission (Part 1): How to Build Your Foundation.

7 Mar 2018

Marketing Cloud Lead Submission (Part 1)

Posted in: AMPScript, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

For many single landing page solutions, the primary goal is generating leads. In this two-part blog series, we will share a process to capture those leads, using AMPScript through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and then add users to a campaign. AMPScript as a language allows for some great customization options in user experience, plus it’s a powerful way to manipulate the data you send to Salesforce. This series will scratch the surface on how to use some of that user data from Salesforce to customize your submission.

31 May 2012

Responsive Design, Meet Responsive Embed

Posted in: Technology, Web Development

While designing and building a responsive website, the trick is to make the layout fluid and scale smoothly. Most items scale gracefully, however, embedded objects can be a slight headache. Almost all embed codes , such as YouTube or Vimeo videos, include set height and widths. In order to make these embeds scale properly, either you must remove these values or adjust dimensions within each media query. Since incorporating video on websites is becoming a popular trend, this example covers embedding 16:9 videos.