David Stone

David Stone

Senior Client Consultant

Favorite Thing About Sundog

I love that I get to solve big problems with an amazing team of smart, talented, passionate and fun-loving Sundoggers. And I get to play in the company jam band!

Fun Facts

  • Over 30 years of experience in IT, software development and client consulting
  • Talented photographer, Renaissance man and proud father of four boys
  • Has a long list of passions and hobbies, from music to woodworking

Cannot Live Without

His faith, music and coffee - in that order.

What Inspires Me?

I’m passionate about making things. I love the process of taking raw materials and turning them into useful products that add value to people’s lives. Most manufacturers rely heavily on a partner network - dealers and distributors who sell their products to end customers. I really enjoy playing a part to make their partners more productive and profitable which, in turn, makes them heroes!

Sundogger since 2011

Works With

David researches and does work related to: CMS, partnerDRIVEN, Partners

Recent Blogs

31 May 2018

4 Ways to Improve Your Partner Channel Success

Posted in: Manufacturing, partnerDRIVEN, PRM

At Sundog, we’ve been helping manufacturers maximize partner channel investments for over 20 years. For the past decade, we’ve done it with the industry’s best CRM and sales force automation platform: Salesforce.com. While we’ve always known that their Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions are great, industry experts are recognizing that success as well. And recently the Salesforce Partner Community raised the bar yet again.

19 Feb 2018

How to Fuel Your Partner Channel Marketing with MDF

Posted in: Lightning Bolt, Manufacturing, partnerDRIVEN, PRM, Sales Cloud PRM

Looking for ways to improve performance with your partners, dealers or distributors? In this blog series, we’re sharing practical ways to do just that. In my last post on market share and quotas, we looked at ways to set and track market share goals. In part 3 below, we’ll discuss how to improve performance with marketing development funds (MDF), also known as cooperative marketing (CoOp) programs.

8 Nov 2017

How to Motivate Partner Performance with Market Share and Quotas (Partner Channel Series: Part 2)

Posted in: Lightning Bolt, Manufacturing, Next Revolution, partnerDRIVEN, PRM, Sales Cloud PRM

At Sundog, we help manufacturers get the most out of their partner channel. And in this blog series, we’re sharing practical ways to improve partner performance. In my first post on lead follow-up, I touched on setting expectations - and following through - with your partners. In part 2 below, I’ll drill deeper into that idea.

2 Nov 2017

4 Ways to Improve Lead Follow-Up with Your Partners (Partner Channel Series: Part 1)

Posted in: Manufacturing, Next Revolution, partnerDRIVEN, PRM

Partners play a critical role in your success as a manufacturer. And you want to work with the ones who have a vested interest to represent and sell your brand well. After all, you’ve invested time, energy and dollars to build effective partnerships that benefit both your organization and theirs.