Jason Jacobson

Jason Jacobson

Creative Strategist

Favorite Thing About Sundog

We’re real people who really love what we do, and we aren’t ashamed to put our true selves into our passions.

Fun Facts

  • Has worked with over 200 clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry
  • Charismatic and genuine with a razor-sharp wit
  • Moonlights as a comedian and improv performer

Cannot Live Without

White boards. White board markers. And inspiration for writing on aforementioned white boards.

What Inspires Me?

Great creative is the ability to find commonalities between seemingly separate things and using that insight to make a positive impact – to make messages more relevant, stories more engaging and content more genuine.

Words of Wisdom

Know your customer. Solve the problem. Tell the truth. Be interesting. Stay within yourself. It is that simple.