Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson

Associate Software Engineer


  • SAFe for Teams
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator

Favorite Thing About Sundog

The people I work with daily.

Fun Facts

  • Honest, intelligent and independent
  • Worked in the defense industry as a JavaScript programmer for two years
  • Loves hiking, traveling, line dancing, crocheting, embroidery and watching “Parks and Recreation”

Cannot Live Without

Friendship, dancing and a good bed.

What Inspires Me?

With a deep understanding of programming and code, there is so much you can do and integrate with Salesforce. You can help an organization’s people accomplish everything they need - and even exceed what they think is possible.

Recent Blogs

12 Sep 2018

How to Connect to Marketing Cloud’s REST API

Posted in: Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Software Development

As a manufacturer, you need to communicate with your customers, who come in all shapes and sizes: dealers, distributors, suppliers and end-users just to name a few. One of tools that can help aid this communication is Marketing Cloud from Salesforce.