Renee Cook

Renee Cook

Senior Team Lead Marketing/Media


  • Google Adwords

Favorite Thing About Sundog

The people, culture and flexibility. (Yes, that’s three things – I can’t just pick one.)

Fun Facts

  • Dedicated, ambitious, fun
  • Country girl at heart who loves her kids, friends and outdoor adventures
  • Over 17 years in the media industry and nearly a decade in digital media

What Inspires Me?

Advances in technology are constantly evolving. Digital and social platforms continue to change – and change the way we all connect and interact with media.

Words of Wisdom

Never stop learning. Be kind. Smile often. Stay humble. Be grateful.

Recent Blogs

13 Aug 2015

5 Secrets to Digital Marketing Success

Posted in: Content Strategy, Data Integration, Digital Experience, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Insights, Integrated Marketing, Integration, Marketing, Mass Media, Media Strategy, Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics

First, let’s define what digital marketing really means. “Digital marketing” is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to convert leads into customers.

31 Jan 2014

Super Social Sunday

Posted in: Advertising, Offline Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and whether you tune in for the game itself or just for the commercials, people everywhere will be taking to social media to share their thoughts and opinions.

28 Feb 2013

Contextual Advertising Gone Wrong

Posted in: Advertising, Online Marketing

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising in which an advertisement appears alongside content on a web page that is relevant to the content of the ad. On a recent February morning, I was scanning through my Facebook newsfeed when a post by one of the local news outlets that I follow caught my attention.

31 Jan 2013

Digital Round Up

Posted in: Advertising, Media Strategy, Offline Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media

Here are a few blog posts that caught my attention in recent days. If you missed them, they are worth a look.

26 Dec 2012

The 20 Most Watched YouTube Ads of 2012

Posted in: Advertising, Video

YouTube has compiled the video site’s 20 most watched ads of 2012. These 20 brand advertisers had at least as many organic views as paid views throughout the year.