Ross Crandall

Ross Crandall

Client Consultant


  • Change Management (PROSCI)

Favorite Thing About Sundog

The people. I enjoy coming to work and being a part of this family every day.

Fun Facts

  • Strategic, futurist and entrepreneurial
  • Over 11 years of expertise in project management, digital strategy development and design thinking
  • Avid gamer (“xBox rules!”) who enjoys dabbling in the virtual reality space and flying drones in his spare time

What Inspires Me?

I’m a firm believer that augmented/virtual reality and artificial intelligence are the wave of the future. And I want to make sure that our clients are prepared - and innovating - in this space.

Words of Wisdom

If you aren’t disrupting, you’re being disrupted.

Recent Blogs

8 Feb 2019

Design Thinking: How to Create Your POV (Part 4)

Posted in: Customer Research, Design Thinking, Leadership, Marketing Strategy

It's time to turn the data you gained from interviews and observations into creating your organization’s point of view (POV). Why are clear and concise POVs important? They help you tell the customer story, plus increase alignment and understanding across your organization.

16 Jan 2019

Design Thinking: Empathy & Observation (Pt 3)

Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Research, Design Thinking, Leadership, Marketing Strategy

Design thinking is generally applied to product problems, but design can be used on any complex problem - including developing your organization's strategy. Below you’ll find a practical working guide on how to use design thinking methodologies and put this approach to work for your company.

11 Dec 2018

6 Keys to Building a Culture of Design (Part 2)

Posted in: Design, Design Thinking, Leadership, Strategy

What does that really mean? As a leader in your organization, you need to lead by example and embrace the framework of design thinking. In my experience, executives may love this concept when it is presented but lack the fortitude to actually follow through or believe in the process. This is the number one mistake you can make, and it will only lead to failure.

4 Dec 2018

Design Thinking: What It Is & Why It Works

Posted in: Design Thinking, Leadership, Strategy

Traditional methods of developing an organizational strategy are (or should be) dead. Today’s world is moving too fast for a group of executives to sit in a room and plan the year ahead based on the way business has been done before. If you’re not fostering a culture geared toward exploration and deep customer relationships, you’ll never excel beyond where your organization is today. After all, if you’re not investing time to understand your customer, how do you expect them to invest in you?

14 Sep 2017

The Future Just Happened: Am I Ready? (Part 1)

Posted in: Apple, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, Next Revolution

On September 12, Apple announced a new generation of iPhone: the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And it’s worth taking notice. It ignites what Shel Israel and Robert Scoble refer to as “The Fourth Transformation,” which will happen faster than the previous three technological leaps forward. What is “The Fourth Transformation” exactly? It’s putting augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the palm of your hand. And it’s about to change everything.