Dave Jones

Dave Jones

Director of Marketing Strategy

Favorite Thing About Sundog

Everyone is super smart and humble.

Fun Facts

  • Earned a doctorate in Experience Design
  • Has a wealth of deep expertise as a UX designer, information architect and professor
  • Biggest passions include his fiancée, rock music, Star Wars and literature

Cannot Live Without

His family, guitar and baseball.

What Inspires Me?

Marketing strategy is about bringing together brands and audiences in compelling ways. Everything else flows from that.

Recent Blogs

15 Feb 2016

Journey Maps 101: Telling a Story

Posted in: Customer Journey, Marketing, Personas & Segmentation, Storytelling, Strategy

Customer journeys are the hot trend in marketing – for good reason. Journey maps can outline everything from specific touchpoints to the people and technologies needed to support those interactions. The best journey mapping activities also try to account for customer actions and attitudes.

7 Oct 2015

The Key to Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Posted in: Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Marketing Automation, Marketing Cloud, Strategy

A customer journey is really two things for marketers: A plan to engage customers along a marketing pathway and a picture of what activities the target audience does and when they do them. Sounds simple, right? But it’s fueled by a lot of variables working in harmony.