Greg Ewing-Lee

Greg Ewing-Lee

Director of Client Consulting

Favorite Thing About Sundog

The passion in every person here. Each one strives to provide the highest value for our clients.

Fun Facts

  • Aspiring outdoor adventurer, runner, international traveler, NPR junkie and father of three
  • Dedicated, introspective, quirky
  • Over 10 years of expertise in developing strategies for maximizing business success

Cannot Live Without

His family, friends and iPhone.

What Inspires Me?

I love applying technology in a way that truly solves business challenges and maximizes potential. In reality, very few problems have black-and-white solutions. I love taking something messy and using smart and innovative tactics to transform a problem into an advantage.

Recent Blogs

13 Jan 2016

Selective Integration of Salesforce Leads/Contacts to Pardot

Posted in: Data Integration, Marketing Automation, Pardot, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

What’s the key to maximizing revenue for most organizations? Aligning marketing and sales efforts, especially when it comes to lead management.

17 Nov 2015

How to Integrate Salesforce Communities + Pardot

Posted in: Communities, Community Cloud, Marketing Automation, Pardot, Salesforce, Visualforce

What’s the key to maximizing revenue for most organizations? Aligning marketing and sales efforts, particularly when it comes to lead management.

14 Oct 2015

Dreamforce 2015 in Review: Top Tech, Tools & Takeaways

Posted in: Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud, Events, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Service Cloud, DF15, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

Dreamforce is always one of the best and biggest events of the year. Why do we get so excited about it? Well, here are six reasons – just for starters.

24 Oct 2014

Dreamforce 2014 in Review: Catch the Wave, Ride the Lightning

Posted in: Business, Cloud, Communities, Customer Experience, Customer Journey, Events, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Partners, Salesforce, Strategy, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014

No doubt about it, Dreamforce never fails to impress. And this year was no exception.

Miss the fun or haven’t had a chance to watch the sessions online yet? Here’s a quick recap of our favorite highlights, news and announcements from #DF14 – all features of Salesforce’s new Customer Success Platform.

31 Jan 2014

Create an owner AND criteria-based sharing rule

Posted in: Salesforce

When setting up a sharing rule in Salesforce, one must decide whether their sharing rule is going to be “Owner-based” or “Criteria-based”. However, what about a scenario in which the company wishes to share records based on BOTH the owner and some other data element? Fortunately, there is a fairly easy way to accommodate this requirement with the help of custom fields and workflow rules.