Heidi Haaven

Heidi Haaven

Communications Director

Favorite Thing About Sundog

There’s nothing better than coming to work every day and getting to market a company you love.

Fun Facts

  • Determined, positive and easy-going
  • Lives in rural Minnesota with her husband, two adorable kids and a King Charles spaniel named Winston
  • Slightly obsessed with interior design, painting projects and refinishing furniture

What Inspires Me?

I love planning events, developing campaigns and creating consistent customer experiences. A company’s brand is so much more than a logo, fonts and color palette. It’s a promise. And it’s a continuous challenge.

Words of Wisdom

No matter what the situation, remind yourself, ‘I have a choice.’

Sundogger since 2011

Works With

Heidi researches and does work related to: Branding, Communications, Events, Marketing

Recent Blogs

30 Aug 2018

How to Prioritize Challenges When Everything is #1

Posted in: Business, Consulting, Leadership, Project Management, Strategy

When it comes to business challenges, especially large and complex ones, you need clearly defined priorities and a timeline that you can actually stick to. Easier said than done, right? There are bound to be a lot of opinions from different areas of your company, not to mention plenty of unexpected dependencies and surprises along the way.

10 Sep 2015

Everything You Thought You Knew About B2B Marketing: How Millennials Are Changing the Game

Posted in: B2B, Content Strategy, Digital Experience, Marketing, Millennial Marketing

Millennials have set new precedents in consumer marketing, placing increased importance on transparency, relevancy and engagement. But do their shopping habits have an effect on how they prefer to engage with B2B marketers?

3 Sep 2015

5 Reasons to Get Excited for Dreamforce 2015

Posted in: Events, Salesforce, DF15, DFMakeItCount, Dreamforce

It's time to prepare for the one of the largest tech industry events of the year: Dreamforce. It's a conference like no other, packing more learning, networking, and fun into four days than possibly imaginable.

30 Mar 2015

Your Customer Experiences = Your Brand

Posted in: Branding, Customer Experience, Marketing

Branding isn’t only about logo specifications, fonts and color pallets. Are those elements important for consistency? Absolutely. But what’s more important? Creating a seamless, personalized experience for your customers across multiple touchpoints and channels.

7 Oct 2014

#DF14 Basecamp: What you can Expect (Part 1)

Posted in: Events, DF14, Dreamforce, Dreamforce 2014

If you’ve been to Dreamforce before, you know the feeling: never-ending lines for coffee, a bazillion people waiting to get into keynotes and an overwhelming amount of information coming at you from all angles. The good news: this year Sundog has you covered at Basecamp where you can put your feet up, relax and recharge with coffee, cocktails and more.