Heidi Haaven

Heidi Haaven

Communications Director

Favorite Thing About Sundog

There’s nothing better than coming to work every day and getting to market a company you love.

Fun Facts

  • Determined, positive and easy-going
  • Lives in rural Minnesota with her husband, two adorable kids and a King Charles spaniel named Winston
  • Slightly obsessed with interior design, painting projects and refinishing furniture

What Inspires Me?

I love planning events, developing campaigns and creating consistent customer experiences. A company’s brand is so much more than a logo, fonts and color palette. It’s a promise. And it’s a continuous challenge.

Words of Wisdom

No matter what the situation, remind yourself, ‘I have a choice.’

2231 days at Sundog

Works With

Heidi researches and does work related to: Branding, Communications, Events, Marketing