Nate Mattison

Nate Mattison

Director of Insights Analysis

Favorite Thing About Sundog

We’re all expected to be experts. We team up to solve tough problems together, and as a result, we trust each other.

Fun Facts

  • Excel guru and data cruncher
  • Over 12 years of expertise in marketing intelligence, CRM, marketing automation, web analytics and campaign measurement
  • Loves of his life include his lovely wife, two kids and music

Cannot Live Without

His faith, family and purpose.

What Inspires Me?

Marketers need to know what’s working. Personally, I’m passionate about investing and showing marketers where they’re earning ROI, as well as where there’s opportunity for improvement. There’s never a dull moment when you uncover the ‘truth’ behind what the numbers are really telling you.

Words of Wisdom

The secret to happiness is being content in any situation – when you have more than you need and when you do not have enough.

Recent Blogs

14 Aug 2015

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL): Best Practices and Recommendations

Posted in: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Law-Regulations

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation regulates how commercial electronic messages (CEMs) – such as email and SMS text messages–may legally be sent within Canadian borders. Under this legislation, businesses must have expressed consent from users prior to delivering electronic marketing messages. It also requires websites to inform users prior to placing cookies on their machines. The law applies to all affected electronic communications received in Canada, regardless of whether the user is a Canadian citizen.