Terry Luschen

Terry Luschen

Director of Technology


  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect
  • Salesforce Certified Developer
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Systems Architect
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder
  • Salesforce Platform Developer I
  • Salesforce Platform Developer II

Favorite Thing About Sundog

We’re dedicated to making our clients heroes. They bring us their biggest challenges, and we love sharing our knowledge and experiences to take their businesses to the next level.

Fun Facts

  • Dedicated, reliable, calm
  • Over 18 years of expertise with software development, starting with VB6 and Access databases to the SaaS/PaaS offerings like Salesforce today
  • Loves his family, football and the challenge of integrating systems

What Inspires Me?

I’m a coach at heart. I love being able to explain a topic or concept and seeing someone’s eyes light up from the joy of attaining a new skill. Whether it’s coaching my kids, coaching football at the Division III college level or coaching the software engineers on my team at Sundog, I get the same thrill every time.

Recent Blogs

20 Dec 2017

The Basics of Calling a Lightning Component from a Salesforce Lightning Detail Page

Posted in: Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Salesforce, Web Development

A few years ago, I wrote this post: The Basics of Calling a Visualforce Page from a Salesforce Detail Page. It illustrated a very simple way to use a custom button from a detail page to call a Visualforce Page with an Apex Controller, so some action on that record could be taken, and then return to the detail page.

6 Sep 2017

3 Tips & Takeaways for Creating Your Lightning Bolt Solution

Posted in: Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Next Revolution, Salesforce, Web Development

Lightning Bolt, the new Salesforce framework for deploying next generation communities and portals, is going to make standing up industry-specific applications very efficient.

27 May 2015

How to Find the Right Partner for Data Integration

Posted in: Business, CRM, Data Integration, Internet, Partners, Technology, Technology Platforms

Choices can make us all feel like Goldilocks. One option is too big, another option is too small. Data integration can feel the same way. It’s hard to know what’s “just right” for your organization.

Wait – what exactly is data integration? It’s the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from different sources into meaningful, valuable information. And it starts by defining where your data is coming from. Is the data in an existing database, spreadsheets or your CRM system? Are you picking the right data that is valuable enough to spend money moving it between systems? Which processes will get the job done?

There are a lot of questions involved.

16 Apr 2015

Salesforce: The Secret to Tracking User Adoption

Posted in: Data Integration, Google, Insights, JavaScript, Salesforce, Technology, Web Analytics

How are you measuring user adoption in Salesforce? Can you use Google Analytics to do it? Good news – absolutely.

Picture it. The big moment has arrived. You’re so excited about rolling out Salesforce to your users. Months of hard work have been spent getting ready for this day, and you know your users are going to love the new features. You have every “t” crossed and “I” dotted. And then your boss asks you to simply prove that the user adoption of Salesforce has been successful. Not by anecdotes or by the numbers of records in a given object, but by how the users are interacting with Salesforce.

30 Mar 2015

The Beginner’s Guide to Security Review for Platform Setup

Posted in: Data Integration, Data Storage, Platform Setup, Security Review, Technical Architecture, Technology, Technology Platforms

Proper security setup and configuration is extremely important. If you pick the wrong tools, wrong configuration or wrong integration, you could be setting yourself up for failure.

One of my favorite sayings as a football coach is, “The game is talking to you. Are you listening?” With football, the way the opponent lines up will give you specific cues about what they intend to do. Your platform is talking to you in the same way. It’s calling out for integrations over here, simplifications over there or consolidations in the server room (if you still have one).

When listening to your platform, there are consistent areas to examine to define your key priorities and direction, as well as ensure you have a strong platform that’s manageable and scalable.