Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

It's that simple. At Sundog, we put people and passion first. And it shows – in our work and in our workplace.

Around here, everything is infused with the unexpected. It's a place to take risks. Think big. Be creative. And above all, be yourself. So if you're looking for a company culture that's anything but typical, you've come to the right place.

Building a place and people that inspire imagination and innovation.

Team Sundog: Golfing Fun

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Fun
  • Innovation

Our Vision

Always striving to be the company our clients and partners love to work with and our team members love to work for.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

We believe in recognizing a job well done and working in a place that feels like home. But it's not really about the snacks, the beer or the comfy couches. It's about showing that we value our people – their time, their talents.

Because all those little acts of appreciation? Well, they ultimately add up to something pretty big.

Sundoggers' Top
10 Favorite Perks

  1. Owning what you do (Literally. We're an ESOP.)
  2. Free pop and Starbucks coffee to perk up
  3. Free beer and wine to wind down
  4. 15-minute monthly massages (Done by a professional. In case you were concerned.)
  5. No dress code (Adidas? AC/DC shirt? Power suit? It’s all good.)
  6. Fun events like holiday parties and our annual ice fishing retreat
  7. Flex hours and offsite work options
  8. Team sports like kickball, softball, and more
  9. Special groups for everything from photography to beer brewing
  10. Opportunities to volunteer and make the world a better place


“Sundog places a high value on spending time with your family, giving back to the community and growing personally. Without apology. Our team members are trusted to do their work and do what's right – all while making time for what really matters. Some people would call it work-life balance. But around here, it's just life. And at Sundog, the message is simple:

don't miss a minute of it.” – Jen Thompson, Writer