Wilson Earns Salesforce Administrator Certification

August 1, 2018

Fargo, ND - Sundog Interactive recognizes Katie Wilson for her recently earned Salesforce Certified Administrator credential.

Katie started at Sundog as an associate software engineer in June. With less than two months under her belt, she’s showcasing her dedication to providing the best solutions for Sundog’s clients by earning her first Salesforce certification. The Administrator certification endorses Katie’s broad knowledge of Salesforce applications and ability to configure and customize the platform.

Katie Wilson is a Salesforce Certified Administrator at Sundog.

About Sundog

Founded in 1995, Sundog is an industry leader in marketing and technology, specializing in manufacturing. Known for a nationally award-winning culture, the company drives revenue and results for its clients with marketing strategy, demand generation, lead management, measurement, technical strategy and more. To learn more, visit or call (701) 235-5525.

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