Data Integration:

Connect the dots. Online. Bottom line. Down the line.

At Sundog, we ask the right questions. Not just about what your data or systems are, but how you actually use them.

Maybe your systems are slow. You're missing information that you need. Your tools don't work or work together. Or you need expertise with integrating systems, security and scaling for future growth. Either way, we deliver high-performance systems and integration. Connect all the pieces. And give you a birds-eye view into everything you need to know.

The Tougher the Job? The Better.

You've got a lot of experts in your corner. As technology leaders for 20 years, we specialize in integrating front and back office systems, including:

  • Web CMS
  • Marketing automation
  • Social monitoring
  • CRM
  • Portals and communities
  • ERPs such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft
  • Integration platforms such as Webmethods, Tibco and Informatica

You've also found deep expertise with complex integrations for Salesforce, SOAP and REST based services, and custom web services.

What We Do

+Data Quality

Get a single, clear view of your customer.

Search. Social. Websites. Email. Now more than ever, your customers have multiple touchpoints with your brand. And if you're in B2B, there are twice as many people and processes.

Without quality data, it's difficult to see what's working – and what isn't. We enrich the marketing information you do need, merge duplicate records and remove junk data. So you get one clear view of your customer journey – and you can accurately group, score and nurture leads.


Share data across different platforms and tools.

Have different data in different places? Or tools that don't talk to each other? You're not alone.

We build the right architecture and integrations, so you can share data seamlessly across systems. Produce the right reports. And get accurate insights, from the back office to the front lines.


Get the right data and analytics.

You need to access data from your website, CRM, you name it. Separately, it's all pieces of information. But together, it tells a story: yours.

With integrated system design and architecture for reports and analytics, you'll have the right pieces from the beginning – and get the right information to make the right decisions.

+Data Modeling

Create connections for future reports.

Want to show how social campaigns impacted sales? Or why orders may be higher in one location than another? At Sundog, we focus not only on what reports you need right now – but what you'll need as your business grows. We assess the structure of information in your back-end ERP, CRM, marketing automation and more. Then create the right connections, so you can connect the dots – today, tomorrow, and down the line.

+Data Rationalization

Get technical advice from the best.

Every company faces a lot of the same decisions. Should you add a new tool? Optimize one you already have, or consolidate a couple?

At Sundog, we're technical advisors and advocates for our clients. We'll evaluate your existing systems, your connections between them and your best options in the marketplace. So you can make the right choices, based on the function and value for your company.

+System Architecture

Create the best pathways and roadmap.

Get a single source of truth at your fingertips. By clearly architecting paths and priorities, we ensure you don't have too much data in one spot, don't have conflicting data and have gateways that make sense. Plus, create the right structure and scalability for growth – and the stability and agility to weather changes.

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