Marketing Automation:

The future of marketing is one-to-one. Not one-size-fits-all.

You want simpler, faster and more efficient ways to connect with your customers. Your customers want what's relevant to them.

Marketing automation is the perfect solution. When it's done right. When it's personalized. And when it works in real time.

At Sundog, our approach goes beyond “out of the box” – and thinks outside of it, too. That's why we've been leaders in marketing automation since 2008, and we're a preferred implementation partner with Salesforce, Pardot and ExactTarget.

The Tools of the Trade

Get the best technology in the industry – all customized and integrated with your existing systems by our experts.

  • Pardot
  • Salesforce.com
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Pointroll
  • ExactTarget

What We Do

+Demand Generation

Generate buzz about your brand.

Spark more interest with smarter programs and campaigns.

We deliver the right content and creative, through the right channels, including paid search, SEO, display ads and email marketing. Then leverage insights to prove – and improve – your results.

+Campaign Management

Manage better, measure smarter.

At the end of the day, measurement is critical. At Sundog, we don't just organize your marketing initiatives and campaign hierarchies. We customize everything with your existing CRM and other tools. So you get a holistic view, from your customer journey to your budget to your ROI. Big picture. Bottom line.


Give your sales team stronger leads.

Not all content is created equal. What your customer is engaging with is just as important as when and where.

Get a clear picture of your prospects, who they are and what really interests them. Plus, easily test multiple scenarios to determine what content, channels and campaigns are the most effective.


Build stronger relationships.

Today's customers want to be served, not sold. Buying decisions are complex, especially in B2B and manufacturing – where purchasing large equipment isn't exactly an impulse buy.

That's why we design nurture campaigns based on personas and journey stages – all with customized content across multiple channels. So you can reach your customers, wherever they are, and guide them step by step.


Get the right leads to the right people.

Now what actually closes a sale? Phone calls. Hand shakes. One-to-one connections. So how do you hand off a strong lead without losing your customer's trust in the process?

Get a seamless solution that routes leads based on territory assignments and additional scoring factors. It's all customizable and integrated with your CRM and existing systems. And it's easy for your partners and sales teams to see a prospect's previous interactions at a glance.

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