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Get closer to your customers than ever before. Get more value out of your technology.
And connect every campaign, every conversation, every click.

Your roadmap is waiting.
What do you want to do next?

From marketing strategy to measurement, we specialize in helping companies like yours:

Your customer journey: around here, it’s personal.

Today your customers choose what information they need and when they need it. And while you no longer need to hold them by the hand, you do need to hold their attention.

Personalization can do just that, when it’s done right.

Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenues by 5 to 15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by 10 to 30%.
- Harvard Business Review

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

From the right skills to the right systems, here’s what we do best:


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  • Map your customer journeys.
  • Customize content, based on your customers’ interests and readiness to buy.
  • Share your brand story through video, social and more.
  • Strengthen your brand influence in target markets.


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  • Build trust through consistent partner experiences.
  • Increase repeat business.
  • Improve retention and loyalty.

Business Technology

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  • Integrate your solution architecture.
  • Personalize the customer experience in real-time across all channels and devices.
  • Improve visibility with dashboards and reports.

Right Message. Right Channel. Right Time.

At Sundog, we help B2B companies accelerate results through smarter marketing and brand strategy, content strategy and development, UX, marketing automation and more.

The brightest ideas. The best implementation.
When you’re ready, let’s get to work.

6 Keys to Becoming Customer-Driven:
What You Need to Know

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About Our Approach

We call it RPM. You can call it a promise.

Our bottom line is simple: we focus on yours.

The speed of business is changing rapidly, and if you’re like most marketers,
you’re expected to do more with less.

From your campaigns to your conversions,
we’ll show you how to connect the dots, the data and the dollars.

For 90% of B2B marketers, growing revenue is the top business priority for the next 12 months. The other key initiatives: reducing costs, improving lead quality and accelerating digital business.
- Forrester

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

You’ve earned your seat at the table.
Here’s how we can help you prove - and improve - it:


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  • Generate quality leads.
  • Improve lead scoring.
  • Show ROI by attributing revenue directly to campaigns.
  • Convert leads faster.
  • Grow your revenue and market share.


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  • Target your key accounts.
  • Increase collaboration.
  • Improve the accuracy of lead routing by territories, product lines and more.
  • Improve lead nurturing to meet your customers wherever they are, whenever they’re ready.

Business Technology

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  • Implement marketing automation, and integrate it with your CRM and CMS.
  • Simplify your system infrastructure.
  • Adjust lead and sales tactics in real time, based on analytics.

Customers & Campaigns That Click

B2B. B2C. B2B(2C).
At the end of the day, every kind of customer wants to be served - not sold.

So let’s talk about how to maximize your marketing programs, lead generation, scoring and nurturing, customer relationship management and more.

How to Align Marketing & Sales:
5 Places to Start

Maximize your ROI with marketing research from Sundog.

About Our Approach

We call it RPM. You can call it a promise.

Get marketing that measures up.

Raw data. Dashboards. Analytics. Separately, it’s all a billion pieces of information.
Together, it tells a story: yours.

Gone are the days of gut decisions. Measurement is the new foundation of marketing - driving growth and determining where you can profit. What you can predict. And what you can prove.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Here’s what we do best.


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  • Prove and improve your ROI.
  • Maximize marketing budgets.
  • Directly attribute revenue to campaigns.
  • Use advanced analytics to identify which touchpoints have the biggest impact on your bottom line.


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  • Improve your lead quality.
  • Increase sales and market share.
  • Improve forecasting and visibility.

Business Technology

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  • Integrate your architecture.
  • Improve marketing intelligence and dashboards.
  • Improve go-to-market speed and flexibility.

Smart Data. Smart Move.

At Sundog, we specialize in end-to-end journey measurement, connecting revenue directly to marketing tactics, data transformation and more for B2B.

Let’s talk about what results you’re driving – and what’s driving those results.

Measurement in Manufacturing:
What Marketers Need to Know

Sundog shares marketing research for measurement and insights.

About Our Approach

We call it RPM. You can call it a promise.

Your customers are connected. Your technology should be, too.

Have data in different places? Or tools that don’t talk to each other?
You’re not alone.

From digital experiences to data integration, we’ll help you optimize your technology.
Integrate it. And get more value from it.

Before even talking to a salesperson, a customer has already made 63% of the buying decision by looking at your reviews, viewing your website, checking out your social network, and comparing your information to what your competitors offer.
- SiriusDecisions

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Here’s how we can help:


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  • Offer the best digital experience with personalized content and responsive design.
  • Optimize and streamline marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure your people and partners have the right tools - and know how to use them.


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  • Improve partner experiences with real-time, secure access to information. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Increase partner retention and loyalty.
  • Accelerate speed-to-market and sales decisions.
  • Expand sales and marketing insights.

Business Technology

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  • Deliver personalized and responsive websites, mobile apps and communities.
  • Integrate your existing tools, from CRM to email marketing to analytics.
  • Simplify system architecture.
  • Master data management to improve forecasting and more.

Top Tech & Tools for the Toughest Jobs

With Sundog, you’ve found 100 experts who specialize in technical strategy and architecture, including cloud, mobile, ERP and IoT strategy. Data integration and management. Digital experience and web development. And that’s just for starters.

Tell us what you need.
We’ll show you how to make it work smarter - and work together - for your business.

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About Our Approach

We call it RPM. You can call it a promise.

Looking for a Full Manufacturing Solution?

partnerDRIVEN, our certified Salesforce Fullforce solution for manufacturers, might be right for you.

  • Streamline lead routing.
  • Increase partner loyalty and engagement.
  • Improve product forecasting and visibility.
  • Strengthen tools and communities, giving partners real-time information. Anytime. Anywhere.
See How