Think you know your customers? You might be surprised.

In the new digital frontier, your customers are choosing when – and where – they want to interact with brands. On their own terms. On their own time. In their own way.

Each one is a real person. Our specialty? Helping you get to know them by name.

85% of our buying decisions are emotional. (And we rationalize the rest.)
McKinsey & Company

What We Do

+Business Analysis

Find your missed opportunities.

Before anything, you need a partner who understands who you are and what you do. We'll audit your existing processes, technology platforms and integrations, and more. So you can see what's working. What isn't. And what will improve your revenue and results.

+Personas & Segmentation

Know your customers.

With in-depth research and expertise, you'll get to know how your customers think, when they make decisions, and what they really need.

+Customer Journeys

Map the real experience.

See how your customers engage with your brand – their thoughts, touchpoints and barriers – across every channel and device. Connect with them. Guide them. And move them, in every way that matters.

+Brand Analysis

Strengthen your brand promise.

Being on the same page with your customers is critical. So is being on the same page with your organization.

At Sundog, we offer creative audits, evaluate brand relevance and consistency, and develop archetypes for your internal audiences. So your company is clear about who you are. Who you aren't. And who you want to be.

+Competitive Analysis

Stay ahead of the pack.

Now what else are you up against? Get expert analysis of your competition to determine your key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your industry.

Our research includes overall evaluation and ranking, as well as digital assets, brand and product analysis, SEO, social metrics and demographics.

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