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Your partners want better functionality, personalized content and mobile communities. You want more results.

See how to drive better partner engagement and smarter channel management with partnerDRIVEN, built by Sundog, powered by Salesforce. In addition to our full range of services, this certified Salesforce Fullforce solution is designed specifically for manufacturers to increase partner productivity, improve customer experience and accelerate sales.

Certified Fullforce Solution Program

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Better partner engagement. Better productivity. Better loyalty.

See how to improve your partner onboarding, channel marketing, product forecasting and lead management with partnerDRIVEN.

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Fuel What Matters

  • Create simplified, consistent experiences for partners – making it easy to do business.
  • Improve productivity with integrated CRM and Partner Relationship Management (PRM).
  • Improve partner forecasting.
  • Expand production and increase revenue by identifying issues early.
  • Increase partner collaboration.
  • Improve visibility for product forecasts.
  • Streamline partner lead routing and management.
  • Improve mobile tools and communities, giving partners real-time information and insights – accessible from anywhere.
  • And that’s just the beginning.

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How it Works: 5 Elements of Success

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Program Management

Cultivate ownership and responsibility with your channel partners.

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Partner Scorecard

Get a single, simple dashboard for every partner, so you can see all the information you need at a glance and manage it from anywhere.

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Partner Marketing

Give your partners streamlined, personalized campaigns – all through a corporate program to ensure consistent branding, messaging and offers.

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Market Development Funds

Create mutual growth for your organization and your partners.

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Partner Lead Management

Directly link your marketing activities to bottom-line revenue and results.


Ignite Your Indirect Sales Channels: Watch the Webcast

Jen Thompson  |  Senior Writer
November 10, 2016

Want to increase your lead generation and revenue? Or drive engagement with your partner channels?

You’ve got a tough job. But whether you want to get more out of your PRM or you’ve outgrown your current tools, this is the perfect place to start.

Watch the Webcast

Explore trends in the manufacturing industry and key differentiators for driving partner loyalty. Plus, learn about partnerDRIVEN, powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and see real-world examples and results from Tigé Boats, including how the company has:

  • Grown revenue
  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved visibility into their distributors’ sales pipeline

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